If you have basement windows that are less than secure against an unwanted intruder, Hy-Lite Window Installation in Lincoln NE can eliminate this concern. These windows are pre-framed and are easy to install. They allow the light to enter the area without the ability for someone to see inside. They’re strong enough to keep burglars from gaining access to a home. These types of windows can be installed in new construction or retrofitted areas. Traditional glass block windows require mortar installation which can make a mess inside and out which this type of window won’t do.

Hy-Lite Window Installation in Lincoln NE is ideal for more than just the basement area. Living along a busy highway often ends up with the drapes or blinds always being closed for privacy. These windows will allow a homeowner to enjoy the sunlight while still prohibiting others to see into their home. Bathroom areas can be lighter and brighter when these types of windows are used in the room. They offer privacy in the shower area without limiting natural light in. They come in a wide variety of unique styles, designer frame colors and are easy to install.

Installing new windows in a home can increase energy efficiency and add value to the home. Windows can be made to order for a customer. Some window manufacturers will begin to process an order once it’s received. When a homeowner is interested in enjoying an unobstructed view to the outside, an owning window will deliver this feature. A panoramic view of the area can be fulfilled with a bay window. Floor to ceiling windows can be squared-off or rounded on the top. The architecture of a home will dictate what type of window will look the best for the home. Casement windows are easy to repair if they malfunction. They are also very secure because of their locking mechanism.

If you’re interested in beautifying your home and improving energy efficiency, please contact us. We offer a wide selection of manufacturers’ windows to meet your needs. We have knowledgeable sales personnel that won’t give you any high-pressure sales. Enjoy the summer sunshine without it fading your drapes, carpets or furniture with the installation of new windows.

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