Hydraulics are responsible for moving equipment up and down or side to side. In a hydraulic system, the pressure is applied to a contained fluid and then transmitted. The pressurized fluid is responsible for the force or power that allows the machine to move. There are four basic parts of a hydraulic system: hydraulic circuits, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, and hydraulic cylinders.

Parts of a Hydraulic System

• Hydraulic Circuit- the hydraulic circuit is a system that controls where the fluid flows, as well as the fluid’s pressure. The hydraulic circuit is often compared to an electric circuit as the both use linear and discrete elements.

• Hydraulic Pumps- Hydraulic pumps convert mechanical power into hydraulic energy through flow and pressure. A hydraulic pump operates by creating a vacuum at the pump’s entrance which then forces the liquid from a reservoir into the pump and an inlet line. Once the liquid has entered into the pump, mechanical action then sends the liquid to the pump’s outlet and forces the liquid into the hydraulic system.

• Hydraulic Motors- The function of a hydraulic motor is to convert hydraulic pressure and flow into a twisting force and then rotating it. Hydraulic motors are powered by hydraulic fluid. However, some motors run by water.

• Hydraulic Cylinders- A hydraulic cylinder is responsible for converting energy that is stored within the hydraulic fluid into a force which is used to move the cylinder in a linear direction. The cylinders initiate the pressure of the fluid.


There are times when Hydraulic Repair in Chicago is necessary. Attending to repairs quickly will avoid business downtime thus, ensuring the business stays efficient and profitable. A common type of repair is that of the hydraulic cylinder.

A hydraulic cylinder repair may begin with a high-pressure wash to remove any loose paint and contaminates. After which, the cylinder will be disassembled and inspected. Once the inspection has been completed, the cylinder will undergo honing, polishing or a basic hydraulic reseal. Once the cylinder has been repaired, it will be reassembled, tested, and painted.

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