Ideas for the Best Laundry Renovations Adelaide Offers

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Construction and Maintenance

Updating your home can be fun and exciting, but where do you start? In most cases, you want to improve the laundry room first. It’s great that you have something in mind, and here are some ideas for the best laundry renovations Adelaide offers:

  • Side-by-side Washer/Dryer – Many homeowners get stackable washers and dryers to give them extra storage space. However, if you can install them side-by-side, you could then add a countertop across them to free up more space. Likewise, the wall above can feature upper cabinetry for storage.
  • Colour Options – While you might want to update the entire space to be more user-friendly, don’t forget about a fresh coat of paint. Many times, this can spruce things up and make it feel like a new house!
  • Add Shelves – Regardless of where your washer and dryer are, adding more shelves in your laundry room will help you store supplies and detergent. If you don’t need the extra storage area, simply bring in some potted plants or other things to brighten everything up.
  • Storage Cubbies – If you have cabinets already and dislike them, consider removing the doors for an open storage area. You can also install pre-made cubbies. Think of putting wallpaper in the back of the cubbies/cabinets to catch your eye and make you smile.
  • Flooring – If your floors are outdated, it might be time for an upgrade. There are many options, and a professional can help you choose the best materials for the space. Remember, it is often moist and humid here, so plan accordingly!
  • Lighting – A brightly lit laundry room will help you spot stains and be more productive. Consider recessed lighting, LED pot lights, or something else!

The best laundry renovations Adelaide offers start with an idea or two. If you’re ready for such a project, Adelaide Bathrooms can help you transform your space into something functional and beautiful.

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