Most trucking companies look for ways to lower their cost of operation. One of the major expenses that seriously impact their bottom line is the purchase of Freightliner parts for use in the repair of their trucks. To maximize profits, they usually opt for generic parts that cost less to purchase. This is because the cost of parts can quickly add up when the trucking firm manages a fleet of trucks. However, the short-term gains of buying such generic parts far outweigh their long-term consequences. Due to their poor quality, these generic parts break down and show wear and tear more readily than original parts. This means that trucks are prone to break down in transit and this adversely affects the business operations of both the trucking company and their clients. If such breakdown occurs in very remote areas, it takes a lot of effort, time and resources to tow them to where they can be repaired. In contrast, purchasing genuine Freightliner parts ensure that the trucks function optimally for a long period before wear and tear sets in. It also prevents the sudden breakdown of trucks during the middle of shipping activities.

Generic Freightliner parts may look the same and even function when installed. However, there is a world of difference between them and genuine Freightliner Parts. Using original parts results in prolonged efficiency as well as improved performance. In some cases, trucking owners may decide to mix both generic and original parts in their trucks. Original parts have undergone rigorous testing and years of improvement and should not be fitted in with generic parts. Such generic parts may cause them to operate at reduced efficiency. Original parts have been designed to work together as a whole.

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