After an auto accident, you may be left feeling sore, tender and generally uncomfortable. It can be difficult to determine if your feelings are normal stiffness that will go away in a few days or something more serious. Visiting a doctor that specializes in auto accident victims will help you on the road to healing and make sure that you don’t allow any injuries to worsen.

Why Choose Auto Injury Doctors in Orlando

You may wonder why you should visit an auto accident doctor rather than a general practitioner. Auto accidents can cause damage that is difficult to assess initially. Visiting a doctor who sees accident victims regularly ensures that you will get the treatment you need.

When selecting an auto accident doctor in Orlando, choose one who holds a board certification in EMG/ nerve testing. This is a procedure that can detect neurological conditions that do not originate in the spine or brain. Inflammation to nerve endings throughout the body can lead to pain, loss of strength, and problems with coordination. Inflammation can develop as a result of an injury sustained in an auto accident.

What To Expect During EMG/Nerve Testing

EMG testing is a two-part process, the nerve condition velocity test, or NCV, and electromyography, or EMG. The NCV tests how well the nerves in your body conduct electrical impulses. The EMG then tests muscle function. The testing process takes about an hour. You can eat or drink as normal before the procedure. It is important to notify your doctor if you are on blood thinners before having the procedure. Once the testing is complete you can go about your day as normal.

EMG/nerve testing allows your doctor to get at the root of any unexplained pain or weakness you may be experiencing. Seeking prompt treatment after an auto accident allows you to maintain your strength and coordination and return to normal pre-accident levels of fitness. Auto injury doctors in Orlando will work with you to help restore you to your previous health.

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