Whether you are a metal supplier that spends most of the day actually cutting complex jobs or you are a smaller metal working shop that will just need a plasma cutter for a few projects throughout the week, having the right equipment is critical.

Getting the right plasma cutting table for the job is one of the first steps and a vital part of choosing your complete plasma cutting system. To make sure that you get the right table and the right cutting system, consider the following important areas of operation and function as they related to your shop.

Size Required

When you are thinking about the size of the plasma cutting system required, don’t fall into the trap of thinking about just what you process today. The one exception to that rule is if this is your only market and you are not interested in looking to new potential markets.

Instead, consider the type of work you would anticipate seeing given the type of clients you are now serving and new potential markets. Specifically, remember that the width of the plasma cutting table is going to be the most limiting factor in the size and type of work you can complete with the system.

Movement and Maintenance

Additional features on the plasma cutting system that will be critical in precision types of metal working will be the motion of the table. This will be essential as different options in how the cutter moves on the table will impact precision. The best and most accurate types of movements will have a limited restriction from friction, allowing for high degrees of accuracy when tight tolerances are required.

As more and more jobs require absolutely precise cutting time and time again the maintenance of the plasma cutting table and the plasma cutter will also be important. Look carefully at the construction of the table. Consider the metal used in the fabrication of the table and make sure it is a quality design and construction that will offer very low maintenance operation over a long period of time.

Take the time to check out the reputation of the manufacturer as well as the seller if you are buying from a dealer. This is essential if there is ever a problem with the system. While it is possible to have a defect in the fabrication, a top manufacturer stands behind their table and works with you quickly and effectively to resolve the issue.

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