Home remodeling is one of the country’s favorite pastimes with thousands of families working on some project every week. These projects typically range from simple painting to complete remodeling of kitchens and baths. However, most people overlook one of the easier options like upgrading their floors. The difficulty of this job will often depend on what is already in place and the underlying surface with which the material will be installed. It is fairly easy to install a hardwood floor over a plywood sub-floor, but installing tiles in this situation will require special applications to make everything work properly.

There are many types of floor coverings, but hardwoods are often the preferred favorite for Wood Flooring. Hardwoods hold their value when properly maintained and in many cases they make it much easier to sell a home should the time ever come when you need to move. However, there are few things that you may need to know to get the most out of your hardwood floors. For example, it is best to simply vacuum or lightly sweep the floors. Use manufacturer recommended cleaning products to avoid harming the finish. Be careful when dragging anything on the floor and always use felt furniture protectors to avoid marring the wood.

Wood Flooring NYC comes in a variety of styles so it easily matches any decor. In some instances you can even have the wood installed in unique patterns although this will depend on the contractor. In most instances the floor will be a blond color which blends well with the majority of room paints, but some homeowners prefer their floors match the trim or cabinets in the room so darker stains are available.

Along with real wood flooring there are also veneers and simulated woods that offer great alternatives. These replacements to hardwoods are generally less expensive and come in a variety of styles and colors. In fact, there is one to suit just about any room in your home although most people prefer to keep all the floors matching throughout the building.

As the leading provider of quality hardwood flooring and wood flooring repairs in New York City, NYC, New York Wood Flooring has a wide variety of options to meet your need for premium wood floors.

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