The most beautiful and attractive homes in nearly every neighborhood have exteriors that pay attention to detail. Well-trimmed landscapes, clean surfaces, and fresh paint all contribute to a home’s appeal. However, custom windows help homes become the best on the block. There are many designs to choose from, and when you want the best window installation Aurora IL offers, Everlast Exteriors of Illinois Inc is at your service. Following are some types of windows that will make your home look beautiful.

Awning Windows

These windows provide function and style around larger, more static types such as picture windows. The bottom of the window sash opens and pivots from the top as it is cranked. They provide good ventilation and come in a variety of designs.

Casement Windows

Similar to awning windows in concept, casement windows provide ample light and open using a crank. The side edge acts as a pivot as the other edge opens for good ventilation. The design allows for substantial panes, giving your home a great look while maintaining functionality.

Double- and Single-Hung Windows

These are the most common type of windows found in any home. In a double-hung window, both the lower and upper sashes are moveable. The upper sash is not moveable in single-hung windows. Both come in an array of designs that will make any home stand out.

Everlast Exteriors of Illinois Inc will gladly show you many other window styles available for your home. You will also enjoy our full line of home exterior services. Let us show you the best window installation Aurora IL offers.

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