It is no secret the care of your teeth and gums are part of an overall healthy lifestyle that should not be avoided. However, there are thousands of people all over the country who are so afraid of the dentist that they do not get the care that they should. It is no joke to be afraid of the dentist, as this is a very real fear many people do face. They are afraid of the pain, the procedure, and often just the idea of someone extracting or drilling into a tooth while they are awake. If this is a fear that sounds all too familiar to you, you should know that it is possible to get dental work done under Sedation in Bismarck.

Just How Does Dental Care Under Sedation Work?

If you are planning a trip to the dentist to get work while you are sedated, you are most likely wondering about the process. Dental Sedation in Bismarck is actually a fairly simple process. When you arrive at the office and are seated in your chair, you will be given a sedative that will help you to fall into a deep sleep. This is much like what happens when you have surgery except in a much lower dose. While you are asleep, the dentist will perform the work needed.

What About the Pain Associated with the Procedure?

Anytime that you go to the dentist, you are given medication to numb the area that is being addressed. When you are under sedation, you will typically be given the same treatment, but you will not know it or feel any of the pain associated with the needle. Furthermore, you will not feel any pain or pressure of a tooth as it is extracted either. When you wake up after your procedure is complete, you may feel a bit of numbness and possibly a small amount of pain later in the day where the work was done inside of your mouth.

If dental care under sedation in Bismarck is something you are interested in, you should have no problem finding a dentist that will help. There are several in the area that offer sedation, including Aaron D. Johnson. Make sure that you do not avoid dental care because of fear, when sedation could help.

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