Though foot pain can have many causes, some can be serious. Although minor foot pain may be nothing to be concerned about, ongoing or severe pain warrants a visit with the Foot Doctor. Through the doctor, a patient’s foot can be fully examined so they can learn what is causing their pain and what treatments can be put in place so they can find true relief.

The cause of foot pain often depends on where the pain is stemming from:

* Heel pain can be caused by the shoes a person wears or could be caused by a more serious reason. When a person feels pain in their heels, they could have gout crystals forming or bone spurs. A person could also be suffering from an injury that is causing the pain.

* Pain in the ball of the foot is often due to ill-fitting shoes. This type of pain can also be caused by pressure related to a person having flat feet. A Foot Doctor in Katy area can determine the cause of this pain and offer treatment so a patient can find relief.

* Pain in the arch of the feet is most often caused by plantar fasciitis. While there is no immediate cure for this condition, a person can carry out exercises to strengthen the supportive muscles of the feet. They can also wear special orthotic devices in their shoes to help keep their feet more comfortable.

* Toe pain can be caused by gout, arthritis, or hammer toes. Pain in the toes needs to be investigated by the podiatrist to find the cause of the pain so the right treatment can be put into action. Toe pain can also be caused by bony growths called bunions.

* Pain on the outer edge of the foot could be due to a break or a sprain. If the pain continues, it behoves a person to seek care from a doctor so the problem can be properly diagnosed.

If you are experiencing foot pain, there is no reason for you to continue suffering. Contact Advanced Ankle & Foot right away so you can schedule a consultation with the podiatrist.

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