Nearly over half of Americans do not have a Will in place. The numbers rise even higher for people without children. It does not matter whether you have children or not, it is vital to plan for the future of your estate, and how your estate will be handled after your death. When a Will is not created for your estate, you are leaving it up to the state you live in, and their laws that govern probate, to settle your affairs. This is unnecessary and difficult for families in Georgia that are left to deal with the calamity that surrounds the settlement of an estate, and can bring about unnecessary litigation. Make sure this does not happen to your family by hiring an estate lawyer in Atlanta.

Misconceptions and Excuses Not to Create a Will

* State Law Will Handle It
* I Am Not Sick
* I Do Not Have Children
* I Am too Young
* I Do Not Have Any Assets
* I Do Not Want to Consider Death

The Real Reason You Need a Will or Living Trust

Although a lot of the excuses above may seem to be valid, there is a single reason why they are not. At any given time, all of those reasons can change. No one can predict the future. The earlier you have a Will or living trust in place, the easier it is to change to reflect the different phases of your life. It is better to have an expert estate planning attorney draw up the proper documents during the earliest stages of your life than to wait too long, or skip it all together. The idea that you can get a Will when something bad happens, or there is a positive change in your life is a great idea, but you may not be afforded the opportunity when things change. The truth of the matter is that people tend to put off creating a will with a professional attorney simply because they think there is always time to do it later.

Consider Who You Want to Manage Your Estate

If you choose not to draw up a Will, you have no say in who manages your estate or what happens to your assets or property. When you have the proper documents created by skilled and expert attorneys, you are able to appoint an executor that will make sure your Will is carried out as you see fit. Not only does this give you peace of mind, it also makes life easier for your loved ones after you have passed.

The Libby Law Firm offers expert law advice concerning estate planning in Georgia. If you need the services of a qualified and compassionate estate lawyer in Atlanta, contact them to schedule a consultation today.

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