IT Services Omaha NE help both residential and business customers with data protection and retrieval. If a person doesn’t take data protection seriously, they are just asking for trouble. There are just too many ways that data can be compromised. In some cases, data can be recovered. But there are times when it’s lost forever.

Encrypting Data

When a person stores sensitive information, they should always use some form of encryption. It doesn’t matter if the data is on a USB device, a computer’s hard drive, or in the cloud, it needs to be encrypted. Business owners will usually need better encryption than residential customers. A consultant can help a person better understand encryption and how to use it. Visit Geeks! to find out more.

Cloud Storage Helps

Cloud storage is catching on with a lot of people. When data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed from any location. Anyone thinking of using a cloud solution should choose one that has the best security features. Data stored in the cloud shouldn’t be the only copy. Ideally, cloud storage will be used to back up data that is stored locally.

More Than Once Cloud

IT Services Omaha NE know how important redundancy is when dealing with backups. That’s why using more than one cloud solution for data backups is the smart thing to do. Sure, it’s another step to keep up with, but using more than one solution provides better protection.

What Could Go Wrong?

Why should a person be paranoid about something happening to their data? Is having three, four, or even five backups going overboard? That depends on how valuable the person considers their data. What if a fire happens and the data stored locally is destroyed? What if something happens to one of their cloud backups? A person can have more peace of mind if they have encrypted data stored in several places.

An IT service can help a person come up with a plan for their data. They can help with all aspects from encryption to finding or providing storage solutions.

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