It snowed yesterday, and tomorrow is your brother’s birthday and you’re hoping to make it to his house if it doesn’t snow again tonight. To that end, you’ve spent the afternoon shoveling your driveway, and at last, the job is done. Your feet are numb, your cheeks and nose are red and your fingers are freezing despite your thick gloves. You put your shovel away, and on your way back to the house stop for a moment and just look at your house and yard. At the moment it could model for a Currier and Ives Christmas card: snow mounded high on the bushes, a blanket of white covering the grass, snowman in the front yard, icicles hanging from the eaves and warm, yellow lamplight glowing an invitation through the front curtains.

So you stomp the snow from your boots and enter through the back door, and in addition to the warm smells of supper cooking on the stove, the warm air envelops you and immediately begins to take the chill from your bones. In your heart you say a little thank you Metro Energy for providing the home heatinh oil in Boston MA that makes your home so toasty and warm!

Later on, as you sit in your recliner watching television, the wind picks up outdoors and cuts across the city like a knife, moaning low as it arches around the corners of your home. In the basement, the furnace kicks on, rumbling a bit, and then leveling into a hum as the warm air begins to circulate through the vents throughout the house. The weather comes on and it appears more snow will indeed fall overnight. You might not make it to your brother’s house, after all. Still, as you look around your snug and cozy house it occurs to you that there are worse places to be snowed in, and again you feel gratitude for the home heatinh oil in Boston MA that heats your house, and for the good people at Metro Energy who have been ensuring the warmth and well being of Bostonians for over sixty years.

Yes, it’s cold outside. but inside you’re as cozy as can be. Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

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