For every home with running water, there must also be a system for removing the waste water. For many homes, this system is a septic system. The septic system consists of the pipes that take the water from the home, a septic tank, and the drain field. A septic system requires regular maintenance to ensure it continues to treat the water from the home. The right company can provide these services and Septic Tank Installation in Stockbridge GA.

Septic Tank

When the water exits the home, it is first delivered to the septic tank. Professional Septic Tank Installation in Stockbridge GA ensures this part of the septic system can handle the waste water from the home and perform its job. In this part of the system, waste water is separated where the oils float to the top and solid materials sink to the bottom. The remaining fluid in the center flows out of the tank to the drain field.

Septic Tank Pumping

The oils and solid materials in the tank are broken down in this system. Anaerobic bacteria eat away these materials to turn them into liquid and sludge. The liquid will then be routed to the drain field. Unfortunately, the sludge remains behind and can build up in the system. This sludge needs to be removed at regular intervals to prevent the tank from filling. There are companies that can provide pumping services to remove this sludge and keep the system flowing.

Clogs and repairs

In addition to regular pumping of the septic tank, other repairs and issues must be addressed as soon as possible. Clogs can occur anywhere in the system. From the pipes leading to the septic tank to the pipes in the drain field, a clog can occur and create serious issues with the system. Other breaks and leaks can also pose problems for the system. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in this type of repair. Their team will identify the problem and get the system back to proper functionality.

Companies, such as MTG Services, offer a variety of services to maintain and repair almost any septic system. Their team will provide professional installation and diagnostics of any problem. They also offer to pump services to keep the tank clear. This can help keep the waste water draining from the home and prevent serious damages and health risks.

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