Presently you hear a lot of stories of food and dairy lost because farmers can’t or don’t know where to ship it. How much is really lost, though? If you are a farmer, you might want to see some actual numbers, and to do that you will need special farm accounting software. Here is how one company in Cambridge, Massachusetts is helping farms track their losses as well as their gains.

Software Has Customizable Tabs
Similar to other business software, you might need certain tabs or folders within the software and have no use for other tabs or folders. The software allows you to remove any tabs or folders that do not apply to your farm, such as equipment expenditures when you are not spending any money on any new equipment this year. If you operate a dairy farm, you can remove the tabs for meat processing expenses, and vice versa. You make the software your own to suit your farm’s financial needs.

Buy, Download and Use Right Away
The nice thing about this software is that you don’t have to wait for the software to arrive in the mail. When you purchase the software online, you can immediately launch it and begin using it right away. This eliminates the problem of having to manually keep track of farm losses (and gains) until the software arrives and then punching in the data.

Ready to Try It Out?
If you are ready to give this farm accounting software a try, go to SourceTrace Systems at and check out the software and pricing today.

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