The springs in your garage door are what keep it working smoothly and efficiently. Well-maintained garage door springs can keep your door running quietly whether you use an automatic door opener or it opens manually. When these springs get damaged, though, the door can get loud, difficult to move and may break completely. Maintaining your garage door springs in Satellite Beach, FL with the help of professionals can help you keep your door in perfect working order. Spotting the signs that your door’s springs might need to be repaired or replaced early can help you avoid the frustration of struggling with a broken garage door.

A new and loud noise when you open or close a door is never a good sign. If you open or close your garage door and hear a loud and sudden ‘bang’, it is a surefire sign that you will need to get your spring replaced. When a torsion spring breaks, a lot of energy is built up and displaced, and the coils of the broken spring spinning on its shaft cause the abrupt and startling sound. In this instance, the springs will likely need to be replaced completely.

Garage doors that fall fast and don’t stop midway when opening have problems with their springs. The springs help balance the door and keep it from coming down too fast when a person is closing it. If you notice there’s no resistance to your door when you close it or that your door is hitting the ground hard when you pull it down correctly, it is likely you are dealing with a broken garage door spring.

An easy sign is a 2-inch gap in the torsion spring when compressed or noticing that it is sagging on its cables. The springs for your door should be straight, aligned and without gaps when it is at rest. If not, it should be looked at by a garage door specialist.

Keeping your garage door springs in Satellite Beach, FL in working order is easy with the help of local reputable garage repair services. By checking your garage door regularly and getting it maintenance annually, you can have a safe and secure garage all year round.

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