The law is very clear on who can get disability benefits. You have to have worked so many years out of the past 15 to qualify for Social Security Disability Income. Otherwise, you’ll only be eligible for the Supplemental Security Income, which is like the welfare version. But in either case, it is much better to hire a disability lawyer to assist you than try to go it alone. Here’s why.

A disability lawyer Aurora residents have trusted for years, is going to have a wealth of experience about disability cases that you don’t have. For one thing, he’s probably represented many others like you, so he knows what strategies work. He will also be familiar with the judges and other parties who attend hearings, which can be of benefit to your case.

Once you hire a disability attorney, he’ll work with your every step of the way — from the initial filing to the hearing level, if the case goes that long. There are a lot of forms to fill out for disability insurance, and your attorney can ensure that not only fill them out correctly, but that they get sent to the right person at the Social Security Administration.

Recommend Evaluations
Medical records are an essential part of your case. And your disability lawyer in Aurora can recommend additional tests if he thinks your case needs strengthening. He may, for example, suggest that you get an update on your lungs and cardiovascular condition from your cardiologist if you have these types of medical problems that prevent you from working.

Ease Your Mind
Because of his experience, your disability attorney can give you peace of mind by reassuring that you have a good chance of winning your case.

Appear at Hearing
The hearing will be your final chance to win your disability case. And your disability lawyer from Aurora will be your advocate during this process. He can answer questions from the judge on your behalf, or instruct you how to act or dress.

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