Some females are self-conscious about having a small bust. They may have been contemplating surgery to increase the size of their mammaries.There are physicians who will do Breast Augmentation in Dallas. They want to make you aware of some common problems that occur with breast implants. Breast augmentation carries considerable risks, which some of those risks having lasting and woeful impact. The normal lifespan of an implant is anywhere from 10 to 20 years. With this in mind, you should be mindful that future surgeries will likely be needed. The common problems may occur before the lifespan of the implants expire.

The most common problem is called capsular contracture. In this problem, scar tissue forms around the implant because your body is constantly attempting to reject the foreign material. This can happen to one or both breasts and if you smoke, that doesn’t help your case. Capsular contracture has a greater risk the older the implant gets and the implant may even rupture. Sometimes the implant can leak, as well as rupture. This could be due to some sort of trauma, as in a car accident. At times, infection can set in your body after augmentation. After antibiotics are presented, if the problem persist, the implants will have to be removed until after the infection is dealt with. Another issue is the possibility of cosmetic flaws. No one can tell if you will get what is called the “rippling” effect, if you will have stretch marks or some other cosmetic defect. However, you came to the decision of implants because you were unhappy with your current situation.

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