It can be hard for a homeowner to always know what’s happening on their roof. The first sign of trouble may be the sound of water dripping into an upstairs bedroom. It’s important for the homeowner to call a Roofing contractor in Des Moines to assess the problem as soon as possible. A leaky roof can lead to water damage and a mold and mildew problem. If the roof is relatively new, the contractor may just need to nail down a few loose shingles or replace them. An older roof may need to be replaced.

Installing a new roof can be a daunting task for a homeowner. Since roofs last for decades, its not something they do on a regular basis. They should talk to several respected local contractors that specialize in Roofing in Des Moines. Every company should be licensed by the state and carry the proper liability and workers compensation insurance. The Iowa Roofing Company is an example of a company that prides itself of using the highest quality materials. They also make sure that homeowners know about energy-efficient LEED certified shingles. Homeowners may qualify for a 30 percent tax credit when they use these.

A Roofing in Des Moines company can also help a homeowner select the style and color shingle for their home. Shingles will determine what color siding and trim color the homeowner can have as well. It can be difficult for a homeowner to visualize how a shingle will look across the large roof area. The roofing contractor may know another home in the area that has the same shingle installed on the roof. If the homeowner is considering selling their home in the next ten years, they will want to select a shingle color and style that appeals to many home buyers.

It’s important that the roofing company replace the roof as quickly as possible. The Iowa Roofing Company finishes over 99 percent of its roofing jobs in one day. They work carefully and guarantee their jobs for an additional two years beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore the homeowner has the peace of mind of knowing they stand behind their work.

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