Student apartments are now setting the standard for luxury living in Lincoln Park. Due to the high demand which exists for housing around university campuses today, developers are now upping their game to accommodate this demand. Students don’t want to live just anywhere though. Most students know they can simply live in affordable dorms on campus if they really wanted to, but the most discerning students have a desire for much more. The best apartments for rent near DePaul University in Chicago IL are certainly fulfilling this desire for more too.

They are doing this by providing students with affordable living that offers far more space than traditional student housing affords. Students who are lucky enough to live in these apartments are given their very own private parking spots right by the school. They are also given private bedrooms with their own private baths as well. Plus, these loft apartments offer exceptional views of Chicago, and they even have their very own living rooms and gourmet kitchens.

To take these accommodations quite a bit further though, developers are including a series of much-desired amenities like complete gyms with tons of exercise equipment. Along with thousands of square feet devoted specifically to exercising, these apartments for rent near DePaul University in Chicago IL also feature roomy clubhouses with business centers that come complete with their very own desktops all set up and ready to go. Plus, there are even private meeting rooms so that you can get in some studying on your own or be with friends as the need arises. One property even has a coffee bar right there in the clubhouse to ensure that every need of the residents is taken care of at a moment’s notice.

If you too want to live in such an accommodating atmosphere today, then be sure to check out Ion Lincoln Park or contact them at (773) 395-4500.

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