Senior citizens have the option to choose alternatives to traditional Medicare. These policies are known as Advantage plans, or Part C. These plans are managed by private insurers while still being a feature of the federal government’s program. Information on the best rated Medicare Advantage plans in Surprise, AZ, can be acquired through an independent agent providing these policies.

Understanding Advantage Plans

Some parts of Medicare and additional plans are supplements to parts A and B. In contrast, an Advantage plan replaces those two parts, which are the primary features of Medicare. The insurance covers some of a policyholder’s medical expenses, including a percentage of hospital bills. Most options also include some payment for prescription medication. In traditional Medicare, this is an option known as Part D. It’s important to determine which best rated Medicare Advantage plans in Surprise, AZ, are right for a person’s individual needs.

The Appeal of Additional Benefits

Why are these policies named Advantage? It’s because they provide benefits not offered in traditional insurance for seniors. For example, dental and vision coverage can be included. With original Medicare, that coverage requires a supplemental policy. Some plans offer the option of coverage for care in a skilled nursing home. A lower copay in exchange for a higher premium is appealing to individuals who expect to need a significant amount of medical care.

Getting Started

Many insurers offer Advantage plans, so there are differences among the policies. Details on a variety of options can be provided by the insurance agency shown at

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