On really hot days, everyone depends on their air conditioners to keep them cool. If it breaks down, they have to scramble to find someone to come out and get it fixed. The problem is if it does break down on extra hot days, there will be a lot of others with the same problem, so you just get put on a waiting list to get someone to come out. What you should do to avoid having this situation show up is have Hammond Services schedule you for an A.C inspection during the spring before the weather starts turning really hot.

A preventative maintenance inspection will get everything checked out and any potential problems will be found and fixed before it can cause your A.C. to break down. The coolant level will be checked and topped off if needed. All of the belts will be inspected to see if they need to be tightened or replaced. All of the electrical parts will be tested and if any are failing, they can be replaced before they completely fail.

If you have had your annual inspection done and your air conditioner in Macon GA still manages to break down, you can call Hammond Services to get an emergency service call. They will come out as fast as they can because they know how important having your AC working is to some people, especially the elderly.

If you decide that you want to buy a brand new air conditioning unit, Hammond Services can help you to pick out the best unit and get it installed properly for you. They are familiar with all of the best air conditioning units. They will know which ones are the most energy efficient to help you save money on your electric bills. They are even familiar with units that can be added to your solar energy system if you have one. They will make sure that it is able to get the correct amount of electricity to run properly so you will keep cool even during an electrical black-out in your neighborhood.

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