Purchasing a car isn’t a small expense. It’s costly, and it’s only natural that you want to make sure it looks good. Unfortunately, there are times where you need new auto glass because of a cracked windshield or a rock chip from the rough roads in Chicago. While replacement windshields might be costly, it’s not an area you want to cut costs on.

Windshields Offer Protection

Without realizing it, your windshield offers a significant amount to your safety, and with the designs of new auto glass in Chicago, that protection gets heightened. Your windshield provides about 30 percent of your vehicle’s structure strength, it helps the airbags to deploy, and assists with keeping you inside of the car in the event of an accident. The majority of newer vehicles in Chicago have a film across the windshield that prevents harsh UV rays from entering the vehicle.

It’s imperative that you take care of a damaged windshield as soon as possible to keep from being subjected to additional dangers. Getting your windshield repaired is less expensive than having the entire thing replaced, which is entirely possible if you let a simple chip grow to a wide-spread crack.

Common Windshield Maintenance

Whether you’ve just had new auto glass installed, or it’s the windshield that came with the car, taking care of the glass is a solid idea. You should avoid parking your car where the windshield gets exposed to sunlight because it can shorten the life. Instead, try parking in a shady place in Chicago. Also, don’t use an ammonia-based cleaner on the windshield because it could destroy any tinting that you have on the glass, and keep from slamming your car, trunk, or hood doors to avoid a crack.

The certified professionals at Frank’s Auto Glass in Chicago are available to provide quotes on the new auto glass.

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