When customers arrive at your pizza restaurant, they want to enjoy fresh ingredients on top of a crust that can sustain all of the items that they like. There are a few tips for making the best pizza Whistler residents can get at a restaurant so that you grow your business over time.

Before baking your pizzas, you need to make sure the oven is hot. If you have to wait until the oven heats up, then the ingredients can begin to make the crust soggy. Consider using a pizza stone as this can at the same temperature when it’s baking instead of the temperature decreasing when it’s removed from the oven. If you want to serve the best pizza in Whistler, then you want to use dough that’s been sitting out for about 30 minutes so that it’s at room temperature instead of using dough that’s taken right from the oven. It’ll stretch easier, and it won’t be as tough and chewy after it’s baked.

When you begin adding toppings to the pizzas that you’re going to serve to customers, you only need to use a light layer of each ingredient. If the items that you use are fresh, then your customers will get a delicious combination of flavors without getting through a lot of unnecessary ingredients. Start by applying a thin layer of sauce so that your crust stays firm. Instead of mozzarella that’s fresh, you want to use part-skim mozzarella. This will deliver the stretchy consistency that many customers enjoy without leaving a lot of grease behind. Consider sautéing your toppings so that their flavors are locked in before you add them to your pizzas, especially if you offer various meats as options. Before you bake your pizza, gently brush the edge of the crust with olive oil for a beautiful brown appearance and for a nice crunch.

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