The stones of diamond wedding bands in Indiana and the world over fall into a handful of stone shape categories: round, princess, oval and baguette. Each shape, or cut, has its own unique qualities, all of which are worth knowing before you begin your quest for the wedding band of your dreams.

Round: The Most Classic Shape

Round diamonds are actually roundish. They derive their shape from 58 perfectly cut facets. “Facet” is a fancy way to describe a flat surface on the diamond’s geometric shape. Facets compel incoming light to reflect and bounce around inside of the diamond. This bouncing light translate to your eye as brilliance. As a result, the round shape diamond and its 58 facets are often called a “brilliant diamond” or just a “brilliant.”

Princess: Second Only to Round

The princess cut is essentially a modified round, or brilliant. In fact, the technical name for the princess cut is “square modified brilliant.” The modifications refer to the varying geometric cuts, or facets, that further enhance the brilliant’s roundish cut and degree of sparkle. Unlike a brilliant, which typically always has 58 facets, a princess cut diamond can have 57 to more than 140 facets.

Oval: Close Cousin to the Round

The oval cut is a brilliant, but it has more of an oval shape. Its shape creates the optical illusion of a larger diamond, even when the oval is slightly smaller or has less carats than a brilliant in its similar carat class. If a wedding band with smaller stones and fewer carats is more feasible for your budget, the oval cut can preserve the illusion of a larger rock that seems to possess tons of carats.

Baguette: Not Your Average French Loaf

As its name implies, the baguette is more of a rectangular shape, or step-cut, with elongated sides and twin, tapered edges. This cut usually has 14 facets and inherent vintage appeal, suiting it to atypical moderns who value throwback and traditional touches.

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