Pharmaceuticals companies have a lot of choices when it comes to medicine packaging. If you’re responsible for the packaging decisions at your company, you may wonder if choosing one company over another makes any difference at all. Here are some things to consider as you choose the type of medicine packaging you’ll use.

1. People like blister packs. Blister packs are very popular for several reasons. The first is that these make it quite easy for patients to take a single dose of medicine with them when leaving the house, making them the most convenient choice for patients.
2. Patients like packaging they can open. One complaint about some blister packs is that they are so sturdy they can’t be opened without a tool. It’s important for blister packs to be secure, but not so secure that patients can’t open.
3. Blister packs help ensure people take the right dosage. A blister pack contains one dose of medication, helping to ensure that patients don’t take too much or too little of the medication. This can be especially helpful for elderly patients or patients with neurological disorders that might keep them from being able to accurately remember the correct dosage.
4. Blister packs help medications last longer. These are some of the best forms of medicine packaging because they protect the medicine from humidity, cold and heat. Some packaging is also UV resistant, protecting the medication from light, as well. This packaging helps your medications to stay good longer.
5. Blister packaging is low cost. New technologies in medicine packaging have ensured that costs stay under control. Blister packs are very affordable, allowing pharmaceutical companies to avoid having large production costs in their medicines.

Keep these five things in mind as you choose the right packaging for your medicines. These items can make a difference in the packaging company your company chooses.

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