If your family is growing it may be a good time to upgrade your vehicle. The car may just be too small for everyone to ride comfortably, and you need something bigger. SUVs are very popular today at new and used car dealerships in Bozeman MT, but there is another selection to consider. Should you check out a minivan or buy an SUV? Here are some important things to consider.


Both minivans and SUVs have more space than most sedans. If you have a large family, you can choose a large SUV or minivan with extra seating capacity. Yet, for midsize families, you can buy a medium size SUV or even a crossover vehicle. Crossovers have characteristics of both SUVs and sedans.

Fuel Economy

On average, SUVs get better fuel economy than minivans. However, large SUVs may do about the same on gas mileage as minivans. Yet, when you check out smaller SUVs and crossovers at new and used car dealerships in Bozeman MT, there is no comparison. Crossovers and smaller SUVs get much better fuel economy.


Both minivans and SUVs are safer than most sedans. However, you should do your homework on safety ratings. They can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Bad Weather Performance

Do you need something to get through the harsh Montana winters. With SUVs and crossovers, you can choose four or all-wheel drive. They outperform minivans considerably in this category.

New or Used

No matter what vehicle you choose, you can save a lot of money when you check out affordably priced vehicles at used car dealerships in Bozeman MT. They can help with financing, and some vehicles have the remainder of factory warranties left. Talk to your used car specialists soon or visit their websites and check out their online promotions to save even more money.

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