Many consumers rent storage units ranging from very small up to 200 sq. ft., but much larger sizes are available too. These Mini Warehouses in Newnan are suitable for people who need to store belongings from an entire house or for recreational vehicles. They also are useful for commercial customers who want space to store inventory offsite.

General Consumer Use

What kind of customers does Mini Warehouses in Newnan typically serve? Someone might need to store enough possessions to fill a house when this person decides to move out of the country for a year or two. A recent retiree might want to join the Peace Corps or, in contrast, spend a year lounging on the beach in Grand Cayman. These individuals want all their stuff available upon their return.

People who are moving from one part of the country to another for a new job may need time to find a suitable house to buy. In the meantime, they have to put practically everything in storage. There also are instances when a family is has a custom house built and has the chance to sell their current house for a great price. Now they need to live in an apartment for a couple of months until the new place is completed.

Storing Vehicles

The units also are useful for people who need to store RV trailers, boats and other vehicles they don’t have room for on their property. These people might use the powerboat or RV nearly every weekend, so they’ll want a storage facility relatively close to where they live. The small warehouse keeps this valuable possession safe and secure.

Commercial Customers

Business customers that run a retail store with a limited amount of storage space sometimes have the chance to purchase a lot of inventory at a substantially discounted price. They might want to buy items in late winter and sell them at Halloween or Christmastime, for example. Renting a mini warehouse for this type of inventory can help them make a significant profit, even when factoring in the cost of storage at a facility such as Greyson Storage Mart. Browse our website today.

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