When it comes to buying platform scales for any type of batching, blending, industrial processing and manufacturing or any commercial use, buying the best quality is always the most important consideration.

Unfortunately, too many companies end up buying the wrong scales, cheap quality scales, or simply the wrong size of platform scales to meet their needs To avoid these common mistakes, just taking a bit of time to learn about the scales and the manufacturing company can prevent these issues and allow you to choose the perfect scales.

Buying from an Unknown Company

There is only a few companies that offer platform scales designed from decades of experience in a wide range of processing industries. A simple review of the company website is a good start but also take the time to check out their media, what others are saying about the products, and to verify the company is a solid, reliable company that will be around for years into the future.

Buying Used

With online auctions, B2B sales platforms and even industry specific online sales listings you can and will find a range of different platform scales available. You may also find them at equipment auctions around the country, or they can be sold by the company down the street.

While the price on a used scale may look good, typically these are older model scales that are close to the end of their reasonable life expectancy. Even if they are in good condition, they won’t have a significant amount of years left of operation.

Buying on Price Alone

Many of the new scale companies, or the distributors of lower-quality scales not made to exacting standards, offer some very nice prices. However, these companies and distributors may not have any experience in developing scales that can stand up to years of use in industrial and commercial applications.

Often an unreasonably low price with platform scales is a direct correlation to quality of materials and craftsmanship in construction. That low price will soon result in a lot of downtime and repair bills, wiping out any possible savings.

The last big mistake many companies make when buying platform scales is to choose based on what they need immediately. They don’t consider the need for a larger scale as the company grows and expands, requiring another purchase in the upcoming years to keep pace with production expansion.

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