Oil and gas pipeline spills are often caused by construction defects and cracking, the CBC reports. Flooding, land movement and damage from digging are all possible causes of leaks as well.

Given these reasons, it’s essential to hire the services of the right Alberta pipeline construction firm to ensure fewer chances of pipeline and oil spills. Here are a few hiring mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Rushing into it

Don’t be in any hurry to make a decision. Take your time when you look for an Alberta pipeline construction firm. Investigate the company’s background thoroughly. Assess the possible advantages and value that partnering with the firm will bring you before you make a move.

Not doing any research

Learn as much as you can about the construction firm before you hire one for a project. Knowing little or next to nothing about the firm will put you at a disadvantage.

Not reading reviews

Reviews are useful these days. With review sites, customers find it easy to post feedback about a company’s services or products. Use that to your advantage. Look for a company with positive reviews from customers. That’s a good sign, as opposed to firms with a ton of complaints lodged by unhappy clients.

Not asking questions

Put together a list of areas you want to cover when you call the company. Asking questions now will help you make a better hiring decision. If you ask questions after you’ve signed the contract, you won’t be able to back out of the arrangement easily.

Not caring about safety training

Look for firms that provide safety training to their employees. That helps build a company culture that’s focused on mindfulness, a quality you’ll want your contractors to have onsite. That’s one way to prevent accidents and spills that could potentially lead to bad consequences for your team and business.

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