It’s not enough that you have a site or upload posts in your blog and social media channels once in a while. You’ve got to be consistently present and consistently updated on what’s out and what’s happening right now. Staying abreast of current improvements and the latest technologies help you keep a pulse on what your market wants, needs, and responds to.

So How do You do That?
1. Leverage video content. As consumers flock to one platform to another, it’s undoubtedly important to make sure you connect to them. That means communicating with them where it matters: blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other ways that allow companies and consumers to engage in good bit of conversation through mediums that matter to them. That includes the rise in video content. Not everyone has the budget for video though so keep this in card in reserve. Sooner or later, as user growth climbs, plenty of platforms and apps will hopefully find a way to offer the technology in a way that’s much more affordable for business. When that happens, take advantage of it to connect to your market.

2. Be mobile-ready. It’s 2016 and yet some sites remain out of reach from the mobile market because of one thing: they’re not mobile-ready. So if you want to make sure your business is reaching the right people—and by right, that means people who will look at your products/services and be willing to buy them—then get make sure your sites are mobile-ready. Otherwise, you’re limiting access to your site and that’s not the best way to market your products/services.

3. Have mobile apps. Business 2 Community says that with the rise of mobile use, mobile apps have also gained ground. That’s why more businesses are offering store apps to deliver deals and discounts straight to consumers.

4. Promote local search. As platforms like Google Businesses become more popular, users are using targeted search more often. These days, it’s not uncommon for consumers to search for local restaurants and businesses. By getting your business registered, you make it easier for your customers to find you.

5. Be ready for more Panda updates. 2016 will see more web managers using the updates so put your SEO hat on and be ready for Algorithm updates.

In Conclusion
Knowing these rules will help get your 2016 off to a wonderful, fruitful start. So put these into practice as soon as you can.

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