Getting an oil an oil change in Coppell TX for the first time is easy when you know what to do. Here are tips to help you out:

Know when

With plenty of conflicting views, the best way to know when the right time to have your car’s oil changed is to look up the information in your owner’s manual, Consumer Reports says. Don’t rely on second-hand advice when you can simply flip through the manual and find out for sure.

Listen to service reminders

These days, a lot of vehicles come with service reminder monitors. If yours does, then it’s easier to know when you need to get your oil changed. Since these systems typically check the number of miles traveled by a vehicle, you won’t have to worry about missing the date. You can easily schedule your next oil change in Coppell TX after you get the alert.

Check oil levels

Be sure to check your oil levels routinely. Do it once a month. That should get the job done. Check for signs of leakage. If there are any, make sure you get your engine to a repair service right away. Remember to park your car on an even keel before you whip out your dipstick and use it to check oil levels in your engine.

Add oil

If your oil levels are well below the normal range, then add oil. However, before you do, assess the color of the oil. It should be brown or black. If it has a milky or light appearance, then that could indicate the presence of coolant leaks in the engine. This could also mean that metal particles have found their way into the engine so you’ll want to bring your car to a service center and get them to check for damage.

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