CNC machining services are in high demand by the oil and gas sectors. Some may argue they are essential for their ongoing continuance. Machine shops work hard to meet the demand for CNC oil & gas machining services must combine the right amount of skill, technology, and awareness of material and environmental issues to succeed in this challenging and competitive business.


The oil and gas industry requires their parts to meet certain standards. They must be:

  • Solid performing at high speeds
  • Reliable
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Durable – able to withstand the heavy volume, hazardous and corrosive environments
  • Able to meet specifications for critical tolerances and complex geometries

Machine shops also need to be able to work with diverse materials to machine the many parts in demand by the oil and gas industry.

Common Oil and Gas Parts for Machining

Those involved in oil and gas machining of parts provide a wide range of components specific to the industry. Some, in fact, may specialize in this and other energy sector industries. Among the common parts machine shops produce are:

  • Directional drilling collars and subs
  • Hydraulics, e.g., caps, guide bushings, cushion plungers
  • Sub-Sea stack components
  • Parts for blow out preventers (BOPs), e.g., Bonnet’s, ramshafts, locking shafts
  • Components for drill rig, e.g., top drives, links, yokes
  • High-pressure FRAC pump parts
  • Tri-cone Drill Bit Parts
  • Pumps and Systems, e.g., gear blanks, sleeve bearings, wing nuts

Precision CNC Oil & Gas Machining Services

Machine shops offering their service to the oil and gas industry must enter the competition with a complete understanding of the demands made by the industry and the environment on its parts. CNC oil & gas machining services must be more than capable of addressing these concerns. These shops need to combine technology with professional skills and awareness. Machine shops must also be ready to work with the industry to arrive at a successful solution – one that will meet and defeat any operational challenge.

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