There was a slower time in America, when everyone in your hometown knew your name and your family. From the gas station attendant that pumped your gas and checked your oil, to the cashier at the local market, often you grew up knowing them. The local pharmacists knew your family intimately providing the medications and often advice for what ailed your family. You could count on him to ask questions and listen carefully when his services were needed. Often, he was aware of medication interactions or side effects if someone was being treated for high blood pressure by their local doctor, and arthritis by a rheumatologist. He was often the safety net for a family and their health care needs.

Today, it is important to find a pharmacy that not only dispenses your prescriptions and has warnings about possible drug interactions in the computer, but also plays an integral part in health care needs. We no longer go to our General Practitioner for all of our medical issues, we have specialist for many different areas of our health such as gynecological, cancer, arthritis, and cardiologists. The pharmacist may be the common denominator for the medical professionals. There are now pharmacists that meet with a patients physicians in a team-like setting to help determine a best of care plan for the individual.

The face of pharmaceuticals is changing, and heading back in the direction of personal medication management in Lancaster PA . Many pharmacists will not only meet with doctors, and have phone consultations, some are even delivering medications to to those that cannot get out. It is another personal touch in the healing process. A cancer or Hospice patient that might be home bound and cannot get out to pick up their medications would benefit from an old-fashioned level of customer service at their door step.

In the fast paced world we live in, it is nice to see some changes moving back in the direction of personal and interactive care. Humans are social creatures, we need to know that someone out there cares and is paying attention. If we are ill and require several doctors and a multitude of different drugs, it is important to have a team for your medication management in Lancaster PA. Times are changing rapidly. But, some things never change, like our desire for personal care from a friendly face we can count on.

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