There’s nothing quite as irritating as driving home after a long day, pulling into your driveway, and having to step out of your cool car into a torrential downpour just to lift open your garage door. When looking for an opener for garage doors in Melbourne, FL, you have a multitude of options to choose from!

Trolley Drives

The standard for garage door openers utilizes a variety of methods to push or pull a trolley mounted to your garage door, opening and closing it at the press of a button. These include chains or belts to move the trolley. Chain drives are usually the least expensive but can be noisy, so are best used for detached garages. A belt drive is quieter, making more suitable for attached garages or ones with living space above the carport, but it can be more expensive.

Alternative Drives

While belt and chain drives are more traditional, you might consider other options. A screw drive operates on the same principle by moving a trolley along a track, but it utilizes a threaded screw. This mechanism is less complex than its counterparts, meaning it requires less maintenance over its lifetime but can be just as noisy as a chain drive. Space saving options include wall mounted devices, useful if your ceiling is too low to allow for a trolley system.

Advancing Technologies

The mechanics behind your garage door is just as important as the method used to communicate with the opener itself. Some openers use a small key fob, while others will connect via an app on your phone. Safety and security is also an important consideration, and many even include sensors that will automatically raise the doors when an obstruction is detected.

When shopping for an opener for your garage doors in Melbourne, FL, take a look at what you need from the unit. Noise, cost, safety, and ease of use are all important, and knowing what to shop for can help you stay dry for years to come. Contact Paradise Garage Doors for more information.

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