When it comes to hand-drying, paper towels are starting to give way to air dryers. Paper towels harm the environment in several ways – they contribute to deforestation when produced and generate waste when discarded. More and more, people who wish to be ecologically responsible are purchasing air dryers. If you have customers or employees whose hands need drying, here are a few things to think about when choosing the best air hand dryer to suit your needs.

Location and Sound

Hand dryers come in a number of varieties with differing features. Some of the very quick and efficient dryers have helped to boost public opinion of the technology. These types of dryers can be very powerful without sacrificing energy efficiency, partly because of how rapidly they work. Often one of these models will only need a few seconds of operation to completely dry hands.

The one potential downside to these fast and effective dryers? They tend to be loud. Some of them sound almost like a large engine revving up. Depending on location, this might not be a drawback, but some locales need a quieter environment. If noise is a concern, you might consider buying an air hand dryer that can be adjusted to your preferred level of power – and sound.

Health and Hygiene

Air dryers in Pennsylvania is already tend to be more sanitary than paper towels. Some hand dryers, however, have introduced extra features to further improve hygiene and sanitation. If you are concerned about the potential spread of bacteria and illnesses in your establishment or workplace, you might choose one of the dryer options with built-in antimicrobial features.

Hand dryers appear in schools, offices, stores and public institutions all over the world. No matter what type of facility your new hand dryer will inhabit, you are sure to find an option that will suit your needs. By installing a good air hand dryer, you can help protect the environment while keeping customers and employees happy. Visit the website to know more about air dryers.

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