Orange County is one of the most iconic destinations in California. Orange County is home to Disneyland Resort and Knott’s Berry Farm. There are plenty of other attractions such as beaches, surfing, museums, and good food.


Located in Southern California, Orange County is the home to a little over 3 million people. Anaheim is the largest city by population with the county seat being Santa Ana.


The 2010 census reported that Orange County has a population of 3.01 million people. For decades the Republican county consisted of a majority of white voters from solidly middle-class families.

Up until 2016, the county was one of America’s top 25 most conservative areas. However, the changing demographics have resulted in a political shift towards the Democratic party with the Democrats gaining control in Orange County during the 2018 elections on racially diverse ballots.


Orange County has nine court buildings for Superior court located throughout the county area.

Division Three of the 4th District Court of Appeals is in Santa Ana. All appeals from the Orange County Superior court will be heard by the 4th District Court of Appeals – Division Three Justices.


For the superior courts, there are many over 100 Orange County California Judges. The judges in the superior courts preside over all criminal, civil, and family law cases. They will also hear motions, hearings, and pre-trial agreements. The Superior Courts of California are the lowest level of the state courts.

Division Three of the 4th District Court of Appeals services Orange County. Eight justices sit on the bench of the 4th District Court of Appeals – Division Three. The Court of appeals does not select a jury. The justices will hear and will review lower court rulings and hear challenges to the lower court’s decisions.

All Orange County California Judges and Justices must be a licensed attorney admitted to practice law in the state of California.

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