Transforming your yard to make it healthier means you are ready for mulch. This is what you use to cover the current soil in your yard. It retains the moisture in your soil and keeps it cool. It is an attractive addition to your garden bed area. It also holds a greater value because it fights weeds and stops them from taking over your garden area. At Dunning Sand and Gravel, their mulch is made from non-treated wood waste, recycled trees and tree stumps. Using these types of materials are some of the ways to keep the product organic. A major difference in organic mulch is that it decomposes and has to be replaced, but what decomposes is now a soil fertilizer. When you use more non-treated wood waste and recycled trees, you have drier mulch, which does not require replacing as often. This means it decomposes at a very slow rate.

Have your Mulch in Connecticut delivered to your home and create the organic garden you have often dreamed of. This company uses more bark for their mulch, so you do not need to do a lot of digging in your garden; you can just spread this on top of your soil. Many gardeners know that applying mulch creates a time saving step for any style of garden you have from a vegetable garden to a flower bed. Your garden will be healthier, more weed free and more moisturized. This means you can enjoy your garden more because you spend less time fighting weeds and other pest problems.

Getting your Mulch in Connecticut from this environmentally conscious company means you can trust they take every measure to create mulch that will release nutrients into your soil. They provide quality products and delivery service to your home, farm and all other landscaping areas. With their newest feature, recycling, they can continue to invest in offering more eco-friendly services because they believe nothing should be wasted. There are different styles of mulch to choose from, making them your one stop shop in Hartford, CT. Your budget is no problem as they have project items to fit every budget.

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