For people right out of school, or those that are in the workplace but looking for ways to upgrade their skills or move into a new and in-demand career, completing a data analytics certificate in New York is a very good option to consider.

At rSQUAREedge, we understand that spending more money on education is not always the first thought of recent undergrads or advanced degree graduates, nor is it often the first thought of professionals currently employed. Instead, these individuals believe that their academic accomplishments, or their current job description and responsibility, will give them the edge with hiring managers.

Going Beyond Basics

What we find is that many of the people who come to us for training already have a good understanding of data analytics either through their coursework or their experience in the real world. However, what they lack is the ability to move beyond the basics and to have a certificate that highlights their knowledge and professional readiness in this very new career.

If you are still trying to decide if getting a data analytics certificate can help you professionally in moving to a more lucrative and interesting job or in landing that first job, consider two types of companies that are always looking for professionals in the field of data analytics.

Fortune 500 Companies

When it comes to hiring, Fortune 500 companies put a lot of effort into hiring the right people and then utilizing top talent management programs for employee retention.

They recognize the importance of not just job experience, but in the initiative a candidate has taken to complete a data analytics certificate training program from a recognized program such as rSQUAREedge. As many of our faculty has worked with these companies, and we assist with networking and job placement after graduation, we know the skills and knowledge they are looking for.

Technology-based Startups

While many of our students initially see data analytics as part of only the biggest companies, it is also a central component of many smaller startups companies that are technology based.

By investing in top trained professionals, these startups understand that the expertise and skills our students bring to their new businesses can assist them in decision making, marketing, growth and all aspects of moving their business forward.

It is very difficult to find any type of major company that is not actively recruiting for data analytics professionals. This is a great career to get into and one that will only continue to become more essential in the years to come.

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