Outdoor Signs are very important for all businesses to reinforce branding, advertises sales & promotions and to promote products & services on roadside billboards. Traditionally Businesses were using static exterior signage that were made up of printed and painted signs. As the time passes new and new technologies came to enhance the growth of your business in making the material of Outdoor Digital Signage. Now new materials can be installed virtually anywhere, and many of these signs can be backlit for night viewing.

Today the best technology in outdoor signs is Digital Outdoor Signs. We can see this technology on the roadside billboards. For the First time, Outdoor signs came with the feature of bright colors and real animation. Technology is totally changed now, quality with full color, full motion images, and many other panels can be used in daylight, making them suitable for many types of applications.

The advanced features that can be inserted in the present Outdoor Digital Signs are detailed below:

LED Panels with advanced features- Today LED panels are the advanced digital displays that you can use outdoors as well as many manufactures are manufacturing the displays with weather and tamper proof and high brightness feature. Some of the outdoor signs are specially designed for the outdoor applications. Some even are offering “graffiti-proof” glass for added protection.

DOOH Technology- DOOH(Digital-out-of-home) is the digital version of outdoor advertising. DOOH handles the CMS (Content Management System). This CMS can perform all important tasks such as store, create, schedule and deliver content to a network of media players connected to each outdoor display. It can be called a backbone of Digital Signage system that can manage all the tasks.

Outdoor Digital Signage for Banks- Banks that feature drive-through lanes are also replacing their old printed signs boards with the advanced outdoor digital signage.  These Displays are used to inform customers of new services, advertise promotions and provide mortgage information effectively.

Outdoor Digital Signage for public transportation- Railways and bus stations are also using digital signage to inform passengers of arrivals and departure times, route changes, on-time / delayed notices and other important messages.  Modernization of signage in airports and other transportation hubs are also in advancement.

Outdoor Digital Signage for QSR- QSR (Quick service restaurants) are also using outdoor digital signs in their drive through lanes. The effective Displays are mounted in the different strategic locations to deliver advertise high-margin. It is proved to lift sales and increase profits.

Outdoor Digital Signage for retail- Fuel retailers also install outdoor digital signs above pumps and on pylons to increase sales in their convenience stores.

Outdoor Digital Signage for Stadiums- For Stadiums, Digital signages are used to show a mix of advertising, general information and sports scores.

The digital signage media player software must also be configurable so the playback window can be repositioned to accommodate the digital billboard layout. Other important features are:

  • watchdog feature to monitor its operation 24/7
  • Support for common multimedia file formats such as images, videos, and HTML5
  • Real-time data support (RSS feeds, Media RSS, XML, etc.)
  • Software that supports rule-based content scheduling. Take for example, tagging.

If you have a strong business the go for the advertisement through Outdoor Digital Signs. For Best pricing on Outdoor Digital Signs search and explore online and offline. Get the best option for you.

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