Packaging equipment manufacturers are always creating evolved machines to streamline industrial packaging costs and enhance efficiency. The new breed of orbital wrapping machines does both of these things in seconds flat. Here’s the rundown.

Traditional vs. Ahead-of-Trend

In the ongoing push to automate the industrial packaging process and make it more efficient and safe, ingenious packaging machine manufactures came up with orbital wrapping technology.

Orbital wrapping technology entails a wrapping cylinder that spins around an entire loaded pallet on a vertical axis, incorporating both the pallet and its load into a tightly cased mound.

The cylinder accommodates loads of all sizes and shapes, requiring only one operator to work it and wrapping entire loads effectively in as little as 60 seconds.

Traditional wrapping requires man hours, because workers have to physically hold shrink wrappers and surround the loaded pallet manually along a horizontal axis. With this technique, the pallet doesn’t necessarily get bonded to its load above, and the load itself is subject to bulging or tipping at gravity’s behest or during the rigorous shipping journey.

Easy, Comfortable & Safe

Orbital wrapping machines are packaging equipment manufacturers‘ answer to workers’ need for easy, comfortable and safe shrink wrapping machines to work with. The new generation of orbital wrapping machines have ergonomic design for workers’ comfort and safety.

A side access door lets workers change stretch wrap rolls safely and quickly. The door has a limit switch that automatically cuts power to the machine when the door is open. Plus, emergency stops in the form of wireless and corded activation devices let workers shut down the machine at a moment’s notice to forestall accidents or mishaps.

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