One of the most useful items to keep in any toolkit is panel clips. Panel clips come in varying shapes and sizes, and are designed for a number of different purposes, but when used effectively, could remove the headache from a lot of people who are in to carpentry or home maintenance. Panel clips are usually very small in size, with two-way spacing in order to allow joining two panels together. There are spaces for screwing a nail through in order to keep the panel clip hooked. There are various types of panel clips available, such as simple push on clips, or hooked clips which can be used for connecting two surfaces together.

The Applications of Panel Clips

Panel clips can be used in a wide variety of different applications. For starters, they can be used for hooking up a television to a wall. The panel clips must be affixed to the wall using screws at first, and will then be hooked to the television through the curved surface of the hook. Once the television is fixed properly, the hook will keep the television in place on the wall.

Secondly, another very common application of panel clips is in vehicles. Panel clips are used to keep the dashboard in place, as well as the car doors! There are so many panels and wires running through and underneath the dashboard that it is very important to whole thing properly fixed in place. Panel clips can help with that. Compared to conventional screws and nails, panel clips make sure that the two surfaces which are connected remain firmly in place.

The Aluminum Ones Are the Best

When it comes to buying panel clips, the first and foremost thing to consider is the application for which they are needed. If they are needed to connect two pieces of soft material together, then plastic/ PVC panel clips will do a better job. However, most applications for panel clips includes the use of wood and metal in order to keep the panels together, and the best option here is to use aluminum panel clips. Aluminum based panel clips are much easier to use, and are significantly sturdier as compared to other materials. Furthermore, if adjusted and installed correctly, they can easily outlast the application for which they have been used.

Aluminum panel clips don’t have a lot of weight of their own, hence making them an excellent option for use. Secondly, these clips are very affordable; one can buy a handful for less than ten dollars. More importantly, there are universal panel clips available as well, which can be used for connecting a number of different types of panels with each other using a simple two way system.

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