When you’ve been craving a delicious Italian dish, you might think that every Italian restaurant is the same and offers similar menu items. However, that’s not always the case as there are a few details that make an authentic restaurant stand out from others.


One of the side items that you might enjoy with pasta is garlic bread. When you visit the best Italian restaurants in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll usually notice that the bread isn’t covered in garlic. There’s just enough to give it the delightful flavor that you enjoy. The bread is also soaked in olive oil instead of covered in butter.


Put aside your thoughts on the traditional pizza when you go to the best Italian restaurants in Phoenix, AZ. Most pizzas that are served feature a hand-tossed crust that looks a bit rustic, fresh ingredients in the sauce, and fresh toppings that include vegetables, chicken, and pineapple.


While most meals feature bread and a dipping sauce, you usually won’t see a side salad like you would at some restaurants that offer Italian foods. If you do order a salad, you should expect it to have lettuce and very few other ingredients along with a light dressing instead of a large salad that you might be accustomed to when eating pasta.


There are few seasonings used in Italian restaurants. One that is used quite often is pepper. It’s added to various meats and on many of the pasta dishes that are served as a way to combine all of the flavors in the dish together.

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