If you plan on connecting two separate internet devices, you will require a patch cable. They may not always be Ethernet patch cables but the usage is prevalent enough to make the terms synonymous. Also known as a patch cord, this device is a very useful piece of equipment.

Ethernet Patch Cables: Basic Description

Ethernet patch cables are termed a “straight-through” cable. This is because both ends are similarly built. Generally, they are T568A or T568B configurations. They cannot, however, be both. Ethernet patch cables are generally stranded as opposed to solid sheathing. This gives them the pliability necessary as a connector. The flexibility of the cable is intended to reduce chances of breakage when you carry them around on a trip or unsummarily unplug them.

Common Usage

As noted above, Ethernet patch cables find their usefulness in several forms of modern telecommunications. They are the common cables for those who are creating their own home computer systems networks. They also act as a connective device for travelers who are accessing the internet where Wi-Fi is not installed.

Types of Patch Cords

Ethernet patch cords are usually Cat 5 Ethernet cable. They may also be Cat 5e Patch cables or the latest enhancement Cat6 Patch Cables. These are the traditional Ethernet cables available on the market. In general, they come in two specific types: crossover and fiber optic, although some argue the main choices are between crossover cords and patch cables.

Crossover Cable: This type of cable is employed to directly attach one computer to another. They accomplish this without utilizing a switch, hub or even a network router. In some instances, the crossover cable may be drawn upon to link a switch or hub to another of its kind.

Fiber Optic Patch Cables: These kinds of Ethernet patch cables are frequently used in networking. They connect cable television as well as other telecommunication devices.

It is not difficult to decide which type you will need to use. Where connectivity is concerned, the instructions as to what type of patch cable is required for the job are generally made abundantly clear.

When in Doubt

If you have any doubts about your choice of patch cable, it is always possible to go online and talk to an expert. You can consult basic books or talk to a qualified expert at your local cable and/or electronics store. They can help you decide whether your preference for specific types of Ethernet patch cables is the right one. For more information, visit.

When it comes time to patch things together, get in touch with. We can help you find the right piece of equipment or the proper device to suit your electronic needs. To learn more about what we carry, including Ethernet Patch Cables, contact us at. We are always glad to help.

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