Picking residential roofing contractors in St Paul is more complicated than picking the cheapest one. There is fly by night roofers who offer bargain roofs but are here today and gone tomorrow. When that cheap roof starts to leak soon after being installed, they are nowhere to be found. It is far better to choose residential roofing contractors in St Paul who are licensed and insured. Look for contractors with good online customer ratings and reviews. Exterior renovation contractors who offer roofing and more exterior renovation services are a good idea.

Exterior Renovations

When a roof is worn out and needs to be replaced, other outside features such as siding, windows, and doors may be just as old and also need attention. Using one reputable contractor for all of it can save money and time. The homeowner may invite the contractor to visit the house and inspect the roofing, siding, windows, and doors. Then the contractor and the homeowner can decide together on a home renovation plan that prioritizes projects.

Start With A New Roof

The roof should be done first since it protects the house from moisture and other damage from above. Then the other exterior features can be replaced as the budget allows. If there are issues with the house having air leaks, the windows would be the next most important project. Old single pane or broken windows can let a lot of cold air into a home. Replacing windows with new energy-efficient ones can lower heating bills and make the house more comfortable to live in.

New Siding

The new siding materials are also more energy efficient and low maintenance. If the siding used on the home was poor quality or has not been maintained, it may need replacing. New siding makes a home look new again. If the home does not have a deck or if the deck is in poor condition, this is another exterior improvement worth considering. So with the advice of the reputable contractor, the homeowner can replace an old roof and other exterior elements of the home to improve the looks and functionality and also increase the value. Contact us for more home improvement information.

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