Plumber Fishers

Plumber Fishers

If you have a broken pipe that needs replacing or repair, there are plenty of qualified plumbers in Fishers who can do the job and do it well. However, if you are feeling ambitious and want to do the work yourself, follow these pipe repair tips to make sure you do not have any problems:

When pipes are different

It is not uncommon for homes to have a combination of copper and galvanized steel pipes connected with little more than plumbing tape. This is a potential danger as the steel plumbing can begin corroding, and the pipe will begin to leak. The best solution is to use a dielectric union fitting. This fitting connects copper pipe to galvanized steel safely by employing bushings inside which keep the two metals separate.

Seal the deal

With the exception of a glued or soldered joint, all other joints require a sealant. You can buy sealant tapes at your local hardware store. The tape in a blue spool is for sealing water connections, and the tape in the yellow spool is for sealing gas. Plumbers in Fishers also use brushable types which are specifically designed for galvanized steel or threaded plastic. The professional grade material is available online or at a plumbing supply house, and they are worth using as they do a better job at filling any gaps and ensuring a tighter joint.

Don’t over-tighten

Too much of a good thing is especially true when it comes to tightening a fitting. It is easy to apply too much torque to your plumbing wrench and the next thing you know, you have a cracked fitting or pipe. Plumbers in Fishers know that pipes that have been cleanly cut do not require aggressive tightening. In fact, once the two parts have been joined together firmly by hand, a simple half-turn is usually all that is needed to ensure a leak-proof fit.

Test for leaks

Before you put your tools away and consider the project complete, test for leaks. Open the hot and cold water lines all the way and run them for several minutes. Run plenty of water down the drains. If you have worked on a sink or tub, fill it up with water and then drain it. For gas lines, apply soapy water to the pipe to check for the presence of bubbles. For better results, use what plumbers in Fishers use: a leak-detector solution which you can buy these online or at a plumbing supply house. This solution creates larger bubbles which are easier to detect.

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