Tattoos have been a part of humankind for thousands of years. Indigenous tribes from all across the planet have used tattoos for ceremonial and religious purposes. The art of tattooing in the United States began in the early part of the 20th century and has expanded dramatically over the last couple of decades.

Whereas tattoos were once seen as a symbol of rebellion left to bikers and those on the fringe of society, today they are mainstream. Men and women from all walks of life are using this medium to express their dreams, desires and personalities.

Many people already know what they want when head out for Custom Ink, they just need the assistance of the tattoo artist to bring it to life. If you are just beginning to think about getting some Custom Ink yourself, you may be searching for a little inspiration.

Various Styles of Tattoos:

Flash -; Basically clip art for the skin. These are stock tattoo images that tattoo shops have available for anyone who walks in with no idea of what they want.

Black and Gray -; Prison tattoos are often included with this style, but there is more to the art than just basic tattoos. When completed by a true artist, they can be shaded to create some of the most stunning work imaginable.

Tribal -; The simple tribal arm or ankle band has developed into a style all its own. These elaborate works of art are well-loved, but true tribal tattoos will vary depending on what country they were inspired by.

Getting a tattoo is a safe process if you go to a reputable studio. Typical reactions can be a small rash or swelling, tenderness and redness in the skin around the ink. If proper cleaning and care is taken of the tattoo as directed the chance of infection is very slight.

The largest issue is with it becoming an addiction. Rarely do people stop with just one tattoo. Most people are so pleased to see their imagination come to life, they feel the need to continue to decorate their bodies with more. So, most will agree that if you are getting one, start saving for the next now.

The key to getting the best result, is to go to the best artist possible. Custom Ink in San Diego CA is done best by the talented artists at Funhouse Tattoos.

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