Moving is a time of a lot of chaos and a lot of excitement for most people in Tulsa. It is also a time where there are a lot of details and issues that have to be completed in a relatively short period of time.

Planning well in advance of the arrival of the residential movers and keeping the moving schedule on target is sometimes a challenge, but it prevents oversights that can create additional stress on moving day. To help avoid these last-minute problems, the following provides effective strategies to keep your move on schedule.

Use the Checklists

The top residential movers provide their customers with a wealth of helpful information. These checklists and guides provide timelines to get specific tasks done, which helps to avoid trying to get everything done at the last minute.

Follow the guidelines as much as possible, being flexible based on your specific move requirements. Ideally, starting preparation for the move a few weeks in advance streamlines the process.

Get Help

If you find you are falling behind, or if things come up, call the Tulsa moving company. These companies offer a range of solutions and services that can be added to your moving plan to help you get back on track. Packing services are fast and efficient, and they can bring in teams to get the job done quickly.

Day Before and Last Minute Checks

Plan to have all packing completed at least the day before the residential movers are scheduled to arrive. Check all the boxes and make sure they are sealed and labeled. Walk through the home and check all rooms, cupboards, cabinets, and closets to make sure nothing has been missed.

On the day of the move, all you should have to do is pack up any items used that night. This makes it easy to be ready and organized for the movers.

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