An over-the-road trucker may be satisfied with the job, finding the traveling to be fun and interesting. One problem this person might be concerned about is the weight he or she has gained since starting this career. That’s no reason to consider a different occupation, however. Instead, applying for OTR truck driving jobs with more consistent hours and more time at home could help.

Long-haul drivers as a group tend to be overweight. In fact, a full 86 percent of these workers are overweight or obese, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Truck driving is a sedentary occupation, even though most trucks still require manual shifting. Some drivers must load and unload trailers. Nevertheless, this usually is not enough activity when someone sits most of the time. In addition, truckers may be lured into eating unhealthy diets of fast food and high-calorie meals.

An individual driver can make a plan that prevents more weight gain and even allows for healthy weight loss. Applying for OTR truck driving jobs that guarantee a certain amount of home time is one solution. Men and women typically have more opportunities for exercise when they are at home. They also may eat a healthier diet.

To solve the problem, drivers should develop a program of healthy eating while on the road and getting some daily exercise too. They might want to bring along fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks. Taking walks when possible, even short ones helps burn calories. Some companies have pet programs, allowing drivers to bring a dog along. That dog provides extra motivation to take walks.

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