In today’s industrial market, better products mean improving their ability to survive the environment in which they operate. While some plate the components, other manufacturers turn instead to another more environmentally friendly yet durable method – powder coating. Finishing companies in Michigan cover the base or substrate with a coating of epoxy, polyester, nylon or other suitable material. In this fashion, they improve the properties of the finished product to withstand the stress of its location. However, it is up to the finisher and the applicator to ensure the product receives the perfect protective coating.

Factors to Consider

Coating is not perfect. Mistakes and errors are possible. A finisher is aware of the potential for failure and takes the right measures to decrease the risk of this happening. This actually begins as soon as they receive the component. The process is essentially as follows.

  1. Preparatory Work: It is important to clean the workpiece thoroughly before the application of the coating. Total disassembly and sandblasting may be necessary to achieve a completely clean and powder coating ready part.
  2. Selection Process: the next important step is to select the right resin. The applicator has to make sure the material matches the requirements of the client and meets the demands of the environment in which it will operate.
  3. Application Method: The method of applications is then selected in accordance with the substrate surface and the selected resin. Compatibility is important as is the intended usage of the workpiece.
  4. The Process: With everything in place, after checking the material, the process begins. The operator will monitor the workpiece to ensure the process proceeds optimally from start to finish. He or she will monitor every aspect – from the application including the heating and cooling process, to make certain what emerges is the result of the application of the perfect protective powder coating application
  5. Test: Testing is one way a company can be sure the result meets or even exceeds the clearly defined Michigan in-shop standards as well as those set by the customer and the government

By taking such measures, a finisher can successfully reduce the risk of flawed powder coatings.

Perfect Protective Powder Coating

Perfect protective powder coatings are not an accident. A good finishing company ensures they are the only result that emerges from their Michigan shop. As a finishing company, they work with their clients to understand their specifications. The staff they employ is highly knowledgeable of what their trade demands and offers. The result, when everything goes right, is the perfect protective powder coating, a sense of a job well-done and complete customer satisfaction.

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